Anger, Resentment, and Impatience, Oh My!

Getting out of the Haunted Forest

with Resident Teacher Donna Cordeiro
Tuesdays,   7:00 pm to 8:15 pm

Cost | $10 per class | FREE for Members. Learn more about Membership. This is a drop-in class, no pre-registration necessary.

In situations of conflict, we can easily become angered. We think anger will help us ‘win our battles’, and we rely on it as if it were our trusted friend.

The mind of anger, however, leaves a trail of broken relationships, lost opportunities, and painful feelings in its wake. Consequently, so much of our life feels overwhelming, which makes us even more angry and unhappy, both with ourselves and others.

In this series, through talks and guided meditations, we will explain Buddha’s illuminating and practical teachings on how to let go of anger. Learn how to transform the energy of anger into a centered, skillful and creative response that opens us up to resolutions and new possibilities. Feel welcome to come to the series, or drop in to a class. Each class is stand alone in nature. Everyone is welcome. No prior meditation experiences necessary.

May 7th: Why is anger a problem?

May 14th: Isn’t it perfectly normal to get angry/Resentful/Impatient?

May 21st: What’s the alternative to anger? Stuffing my emotions? (Spoiler alert: NO)

May 28th: How can I change the well-worn path of my anger?

Teachings based upon the book: How to Solve our Human Problems

What to expect at a class: the class includes an initial guided breathing meditation, a talk on a Buddhist topic, and a concluding guided meditation on the topic and time for Q&A.

Each class is available by drop-in and you can come to either the entire series for the month or by individual class. Each class is self-contained.

Serlingpa Meditation Center is a Center of Modern Kadampa Buddhism and is a Member of the New Kadampa Tradition-International Union of Kadampa Buddhist Centers.

Everyone is Welcome! Drop-in class. No prior meditation experience necessary.