Living Lightly and Joyfully:

Introduction to Subtle Impermanence

Saturday   | May 11th 10:00 am-12:30pm

With  Resident Teacher, Donna Cordeiro

Living Lightly and Joyfully: Introduction to Subtle Impermanence

With Donna Cordeiro

Saturday, May 11th l 10:00am – 12:30pm

We can often feel very weighed down by our day to day struggles, negative patterns of thought, and past history of pain.  In this half day course we explore Buddha’s teachings on subtle impermanence to begin to relate to all of our experiences in a lighter and more flexible way. In reality, everything is changing constantly, arising anew moment by moment.

Our suffering comes from grasping at painful versions of ourselves and agitated states of mind as fixed and permanent, which is a type of ignorance. When we shine Buddha’s wisdom teachings at our misconceptions of reality, these negative minds begin to erode and we feel lighter and full of new possibilities. We have more love for the people around us, and more joy within our hearts to radiate out to others.

We will also learn about practical tools to deploy when we feel stuck in outmoded ways of being that no longer fit with who we wish to be. Who we are is just a story we tell ourselves. And we can rewrite the narrative of the self through the lens of our potential – our Buddha nature – continually, in the most beneficial way

Cost $25.00